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It’s time to stop the surviving and START LIVING the life
you were meant to live.

About Erna Kay

Good day dear friend! My name is
Erna Kay. I am an entrepreneur,
business owner, and a leading global
business and life success coach for
entrepreneurs, business and sales
professionals just like you across
the world.

My mission has always been to create businesses that not only enhance the lives of others, but allow me the opportunity to experience the BEST OF LIFE, BEST OF LOVE, BEST OF FREEDOM AND BEST OF ABUNDANCE. In other words, I live with the belief that I am here on this earth not to live life on someone else’s terms but on my own terms.
A little less than ten years ago I was a very hard working young employee at a bank. I was doing the 9 to 5 thing while at the same time attending university. So life was very hectic and stressful. But more than that, my life was filled with FEAR – fear of what would happen if one day I lost my job, fear of the unknown, fear of not living happy, fear of the future, fear of making mistakes, and pretty much fear of anything and everything you can imagine and more.
I know you can relate to this!
Now, that lifestyle is far behind me. When I started my first business at the age of only 24, I had absolutely nothing or anyone but myself to rely on. More often than not my mind would start flooding with thoughts of doubt and uncertainty. I would think to myself “What am I doing? I am never going to be able to make this work!” But I knew deep down that I was here on this earth for something great.
The first year into starting my business, I worked and worked and worked with no success at gaining anyone’s business. I got rejection after rejection months on end. I knew if I really wanted to be successful and have a better life, I had to do something different, something I had never done before.
So I did, I changed the way I did things and looked at life. Within ONLY a few days, I got my first client. My first pay from that first client? ONLY $100 a month! (Look, $100 can be a lot when you haven’t made a penny for months)! When I got the check, I knew I could turn this into massive success!
In the course of the next few months I turned that $100 a month into a NATIONWIDE business in LESS THAN A YEAR! If you want to have a better idea of what I mean by saying “I went from $100 a month to a nationwide business,” just think of it like this – I went from making $100 a month to having 6-figure months! You know what I call that? I call it massive success! It’s really sweet to have that and I know you are ready to have massive success of your own.

Now I have more resources, more freedom and more of all the good that life has to offer… In other words, I do experience the best of life, best of love, best of freedom and abundance. (I know you can and deserve this, too!).
One of my most favorite things to do these days is sharing my secrets and techniques I used to turn $100 a month into a 6-figure income in less than a year with entrepreneurs, business owners, sales professionals and people from all walks of life across the globe. My techniques have helped many people around the globe achieve massive success in not just their business but in their personal lives as well.

I know if you are reading this, you are ready to hop on the success boat and live the greatest life you can possibly live.  You have come to the right place! I can help you get on the ladder of success and abundance for the rest of your life!Imagine having living life every day with enthusiasm, love abundance and sense of purpose. Imagine turning your business into a money making machine. Imagine having freedom to do whatever you want to do whenever you want to do it. Imagine experiencing the BEST OF LIFE… Wouldn’t that be great? I am here to tell you that you can have it all and more but you need to start somewhere…So whether you are an entrepreneur or an aspiring entrepreneur dreaming about starting your own lucrative business or whether you’re in the real estate business or the financial industry or someone who is stuck at 9 to 5 job and wants to get out, or just a mom at home who dreams about having her own online business, I have a secret for you – YOUR MASSIVE SUCCESS IS WAITING TO BE IN YOUR LIFE!So hurry!Don’t let another minute of your life go by without living the best of life!Let me help you achieve success, freedom and happiness. Join now.

IMAGINE the possibilities…

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